Savannah Book Festival Event!

by Cara Nicoletti on October 1, 2015


Friends! I’m sorry I’ve been away from this space. It’s been a long and exciting and tiring and exhilarating couple of months since Voracious came out. I’ve been away from my kitchen a lot, which has made keeping up with the blog difficult, but things are winding down and I’ve got lots of great stuff planned for you. On Wednesday I’ll be in Savannah, Georgia for the Savannah Book Festival and I would love to see you there! I’ll be doing a reading and signing at the iconic Smith Brothers Butcher Shop. There will be food from Voracious and lots of hot babes (I can’t promise this, actually, but I bet it’s true). Come! Bring your everyone!

Also, if you’ve bought the book and liked it, let the world know! I guess you can let the world know if you didn’t like it, too, but I’m not going to encourage it. Having a solid number of reviews and ratings behind a book helps first time authors like me. So, head to Amazon or Goodreads and write some reviews.

I like you all, I’ve had such a wonderful time meeting you this summer. More soon!

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Voracious Events and Tour Info!

by Cara Nicoletti on August 11, 2015


In exactly one week, Voracious will really be here! You will really see it in real book stores! This is just a quick update to remind you to get your pre-orders in (here! here! here!) and to fill out this sheet if you do pre-order so that we can get you some fun treats.

Also, here is a list of events that I hope to see your friendly faces at–I love friendly faces!

8/18 Fort Greene; Greenlight Books; 7:30pm

9/10 Brookline, MA; Brookline Booksmith| Talk and Book Signing; 7pm

9/11 Wellesley, MA; Wellesley Books| Talk and Book Signing; 7pm

9/14 Santa Rosa, CA; Book Passage| “Spinster Sisters Dinner with Writers” and book signing; 6pm

9/15 Napa, CA; Copperfield’s Books| Whole Foods Market Culinary Center; Presentation with food samples and book signing; 12noon

9/16 Beaverton, OR; Powells | Talk and Book Signing; 7pm

9/27 Baltimore, MD; Baltimore Book Festival; time tk

10/8 Savannah, GA; Smith Brothers Butcher Shop/ Talk and Book Signing; time tk


“Voracious” Sneak-Peek and Pre-Order Links!

by Cara Nicoletti on July 23, 2015


In less than a month (26 days to be exact, but who’s counting?) Voracious will actually be in bookstores. When I started this process–nearly three years ago!–I had a vision of what this time would feel like. At night, lying in bed after endless days of waking up before dawn to write, going into my job, and then getting home to write late into the night, I clung to the thought of this very time. I imagined excitement and pride, but most of all I imagined relief, calm. The excitement and pride are there, that is for sure, but the relief and the calm have yet to show themselves.

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