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Cooking "The Goldfinch" Part 6: Manicotti

Cooking “The Goldfinch” Part 6: Manicotti

On Monday, after months and months of work and a million sleepless nights, I finally passed in the first draft of Voracious to Little, Brown—all 240 pages of it. At […]

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Cooking "The Goldfinch" Part 5: Pippa's Blueberry Biscuits

Cooking “The Goldfinch” Part 5: Pippa’s Blueberry Biscuits

The past few days I’ve been scouring my bookshelves looking for great literary romances to share with you. Of course there are hundreds, thousands, millions that I could have used, […]

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Cooking "The Goldfinch" Part 4: Hobie's Welsh Rarebit

Cooking “The Goldfinch” Part 4: Hobie’s Welsh Rarebit

Two major things happen to the appetite when tragedy occurs—either it disappears completely or it is bottomless, gnawing, insatiable. After losing a friend in college, a boy whom I had […]

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