Chocolate Red Wine Cake for Gabriel García Márquez

by Cara Nicoletti on April 19, 2014


Strange Pilgrims was the first work I ever read by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A boy I once loved gave me a copy of it as a high school graduation present, and I read and re-read it all that summer, picturing my own impending homesickness while reading about all of Marquez’s displaced, exiled characters. The day my parents left me in New York to start my new life, I cried on a bench in Washington Square Park with my copy of Strange Pilgrims stuffed in my back pocket. Then, I walked to Ben’s Pizzeria and ate a piece of pizza with baked ziti on it, because there were no parents in sight to tell me not to. In the yellow booth under the florescent lights, I pulled the book out and read it with puffy eyes and a pounding head, I felt sick from the ziti and the loneliness.

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A Very “Goldfinch” Celebration

by Cara Nicoletti on April 15, 2014


Last night it was announced that The Goldfinch won the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction! What better way to celebrate than with a Goldfinch-inspired meal? Lucky you, you’ve got eight to choose from!

Rye Toast with Poached Eggs
Spaghetti Carbonara
Blueberry Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Hobie’s Welsh Rarebit
Pippa’s Blueberry Biscuits
A Feast for Boris
Jasmine-Tea Caramels


Cooking “The Goldfinch” Part 8: Jasmine Caramels

by Cara Nicoletti on April 10, 2014


When I was a kid, my sisters and cousins and I talked a lot about what we would choose for our final meal on earth. I’m pretty sure we got the idea from learning about The Last Supper in Sunday school. Of course, none of us were able to fully grasp the gravity of what we were talking about, but we took it seriously nonetheless. At first I always chose the foods that I loved most—mashed potatoes, Brigham’s chocolate ice cream, my grandmother’s grilled cheese sandwiches—but at some point it took a turn in the opposite direction. I started thinking that maybe I would choose a collection of the foods I hated—fish sticks, grape popsicles, those frozen carrot coins with the tine marks in them—to ease the pain of never eating again. What could be worse than filling your stomach with everything you love, knowing the whole time that you’ll never eat it again? Much better to stare down a plate of bone marrow and salt cod and say, “Okay, my time here is done.”
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